All Your Words Are Belong To Us

What is this?

All Your Words Are Belong To Us (AYWABTU) is an interactive visualization that simulates what video game characters might say. Think of it as a game of MadLibs where you supply the sentence and game characters decide the words to use. If you can't think of good sentences to try out, leaving the input box blank and clicking the AYWABTU button will generate a few sentences that you can play with.

How does it work?

To correctly predict what characters might say, I wrote a program in java that parsed through the dialogue scripts of various video games and counted every word that every character has ever said. The program divided the words into their respective part-of-speech groups (i.e. nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc) and calculated the probability of each word being used based on the frequency of that word and the total amount of words said by the character.

New sentences are generated using this word frequency data. The program determines the part-of-speech roles of each word in any input sentence, generates a word of the same role that a character might use and substitutes the new word in. To simplify the data, the amount of words each character might use for any part-of-speech group is 25.

Where is it from?

All the video game dialogue scripts used in this visualization were found on Most of scripts were transcribed by fans. The part-of-speech tagging portion of the visualization uses Stanford's Part-Of-Speech Tagger and jspos. The art is pulled from Google and the various Wikia pages of the games.


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